The Firm

In the world of business, CPAs are generally considered to be historians. At Landini, Reed & Dawson, P.C., we are working to change that image. Our primary mission is to assist our clients in making decisions to reach their financial and business goals. We accomplish this through analysis and automation of historical data integrated with the personalities of the client’s business and management.

We are a people oriented firm. We know that only through high quality and highly motivated personnel can our clients receive the services they want and deserve. We so strongly believe in this philosophy, that our professionals are compensated entirely by the production they generate. The age of accountability is now. The businesses and people that adopt this philosophy have a greater chance in the 21st century to not only succeed, but excel.

As our nation moves rapidly from an industrial society to an information society, businesses are drowning in information and starving for knowledge. One of our primary objectives is to assist in bringing order out of the chaos.

It is imperative that our clients understand their financial information. The advent of inexpensive financial software has made timely, accurate internal reporting possible for all small and medium size businesses. The financial information belongs to our clients. We want to help them to be able to generate it, understand it, react to it and, most importantly, plan for it.